Debit Card Information

Oklahoma State Bank Visa Check Card Info

Visa check card and ATM information

To report a lost or stolen Transfund Visa check card or ATM card call 580-735-2545 or 580-923-7541 or if it is  after banking hours call 1-888-263-3370.

Travel Notification

If you are going to be traveling out of your normal area, please let us know by calling 580-735-2545 or 580-923-7541. We will alert Visa of your travel plans and reduce the chance of a fraud alert that could cause your card to be shut down.

Fraud Watch for your Visa Check Card

Oklahoma State Bank has enrolled in a new program called Fraud Watch.  It is offered to protect against fraudulent use of your Visa Check Card.  With Fraud Watch, your card usage is monitored 24/7. If it is detected that there is unusual activity (activity that is out of the normal for your shopping practices or travel routines), Fraud Watch will attempt to call you to verify that you authorized the charges. They will send you a text with a case number.  If they do not get a response they will shut down your card.  Oklahoma State Bank will also be notified when this happens.  If you get a call from Fraud Prevention Services on behalf of Oklahoma State Bank, know that an attempt is being made to prevent possible fraudulent use of your card.  Fraud Prevention Services number is 888-263-3370.

If you receive a text message or email request for card number information, please do not respond. This bank already has that information and we would not contact you in this manner. If you should receive such a message, please contact the bank and we will assist you.

Oklahoma State Bank has a new way to help you reduce fraud and monitor your spending, anytime, anywhere.

You can now receive updates on your Visa debit card activity through text messages and email.  This allows you to act quickly, wherever you are, to any charges not authorized by you.  This service is available for free for Oklahoma State Bank Visa cardholders.

Sign up for these alerts at  today!

If you believe your card has been compromised call Oklahoma State Bank immediately to shut your card down.  If it happens after hours, please call our Fraud Watch support at 888-263-3370 and they will be happy to assist you.